sUduT pAnDaNg

sUduT pAnDaNg

Friday, April 15, 2011

menjadi kismis sebelum anggur

one thing i realize bout myself after this practicum is:i'm an egomaniac.
i admit it n i want to change.for them..i mean the student.
u know i always have my own stand in every thing i do.i always justified things i do so that people wont have chance to questioning what am i doing.that was horrible right?i mean those mind,those act,those attitude.people with those stubborness wont change n stuck wit their own world.what a delusional mind i had.
yeah,we should stand on our principe but in this profession,no matter what as long as its not breaking Allah n rasul's law its need to be done.i cant give any excuses.
you know sometimes i drown in my own concept n finding till i cant accept any criticsm or even rejection.after this,i swear to myself..i'm not going to be stubborn n i will accept any opinion n try to adapt it in my teaching method.then,i hope i can be better n better.i want to be a good teacher.the hardworking type.teaching is also "ibadah" if i'm not dedicated on doing these..i wont get any "pahala" at all...

p/s:nyh saham akhirat.i'll try to maintain these spirit.InsyaAllah


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